The Dream Collection is more than product and apparel, its a mindset. A belief that everyone on earth is purposed with an incredible burden to reach down inside themselves to deliver to the world their true giftings. We began this with a simple vision, "don’t die with dreams inside". This spark has touched hearts and lives to embrace a passion for self-fulfillment and service. We live by the words of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I have a dream", and our desire is to not simply chase our dreams but catch them.

What we did for DDWDI

Create a mobile app (iPhone/iPad) that help spread the message of DDWDI (Don't Die With Dreams Inside). The mobile app streams music, watch videos, shop for appearl, know when and where events are happening, and learn more about the brand. Then we created a iMessage Sticker app to allow DDWDI customers to add some inspriation for beleveing in themselves and their Dreams. Later we followed up with the release od Dream TV, a TVOS app that showed Music videos inspired by the album Don't Die With Dreams Inside