Dominique Da Diva Website Launch

Dominique Da Diva Website Launch
Launched July 27, 2014. Dominique Da Diva is a media/entertainment power player in the Hampton Roads, VA and Richmond VA markets. She can be heard on 103 Jamz weekdays 10-2 and 106.5 The Beat on weekends and can be found hosting events and concerts throughout the Virginia market. Looking forward to a long term partnership as we ...


Something Cool I found Check it out!! LESS extends CSS with dynamic behavior such asvariables, mixins, operations and functions. LESS runs on both the client-side (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and server-side, with Node.js and Rhino.

Custom Shapes

Forgive me, this is old hat, i know….but a playa like me JUST came across the idea of custom shapes in Photoshop. I know, I know…but whatevs. Here are a few links to free custom shape sets I found during my downloading spree immediately following this epiphany: