WEBDMG and The Rebel Society partner to bring Gathr apps to iPhone.

WEBDMG and The Rebel Society partner to bring Gathr apps to iPhone.

Hampton Roads, Virginia— Gathr Apps — WEBDMG LLC and The Rebel Society LLC announced a partnership to deliver powerful Gathr apps, providing entrepreneurs a new opportunity to create their own communities with intrinsically designed platforms.

“The Rebel Society’s long history of helping create and visually tell their story. Makes them an ideal partner for the Gathr platform.” said Richard Robinson, WBEDMG’s CEO. “Together, WEBDMG and The Rebel Society are helping brands extend their reach by combining The Rebel Society’s visual storytelling with the power and simplicity of Gathr on iOS.”

“This will allow our clients to expand their reach in a way they never thought would be possible, in a shorter time span. They will not have to create content that fits the dimensions of Social Media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, they will be their own platform. Many people spend thousands of dollars now finding social media curators, only to have a new wave of apps introduced each year, this will change our clients need for that.” said Rashod Harris, Owner of The Rebel Society.

WEBDMG LLC is a digital design agency that specializes in iOS applications. “Our passion lies in creating unique ideas with simple and intuitive design. We create innovative solutions to help you revolutionize how people consume your brand” – Richard Robinson.

Founded in 2013, The Rebel Society LLC is a visual content creation and marketing agency, here to build niche businesses and personal brands who desire to expand their reach and revenue. “We are visual storytellers, we get to the heart of your brand. Our methods work because we research what makes your brand great as well as what your brand isn’t so great at. We use different techniques to allow your ideal client to instantly fall in love with your brand by telling your own brand’s unique story.” – Rashod Harris.

Rebel.m Apps is a product driven by customer feedback and is part of The Rebel Society LLC and WEBDMG LLC’s commitment to deliver the latest product updates in one convenient installation. Small Business Apps is available for development and purchase by contacting us at www.therebelsociety.com.

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You can read The Rebel Society Announcement here.

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