WEBDMG and 21five Creative partner for Mobile Apps

WEBDMG and 21five Creative partner for Mobile Apps

Hampton Roads, Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina — Mobile Apps — WEBDMG LLC and 21five Creative announced a partnership to deliver powerful Gathr mobile apps.

“21five Creative’s history of helping brands create their digital identity. Makes them an ideal partner for the Gathr platform.” said Richard Robinson, WBEDMG’s CEO. “Together, WEBDMG and 21five Creative are helping brands extend their reach and make their mark with the power and simplicity of Gathr on iOS.”

“21five Creative is very excited to partner with WEBDMG to bring solid, functional apps to the brands and organizations that we work with! We believe that it will help our clients to expand their businesses by putting them right in their customers’ pockets, making it easier for customers to connect with brands and for brands to connect with their customers.” said Kevin Pleasants owner 21five Creative.

These apps will give brands more visibility and convenience to their customers right from their iPhone or iPad. For example, a Gathr app can notify a user on their iPhone of a sale or new event with  relevant location and time data instantly. These Gathr apps will close the information loop faster, ultimately increasing exposure of a brand and revenue.

WEBDMG LLC is a digital design agency that specializes in iOS applications. “Our passion lies in creating unique ideas with simple and intuitive design. We create innovative solutions to help you revolutionize how people consume your brand” – Richard Robinson.

21five Creative is a brand strategy and digital marketing company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded in 2012 with the belief that the true power of a Brand is found in it’s purpose, we work with businesses and organizations across the world to bring their brand stories to life through strategic graphic & web design, app design, social media development, and consulting.
To learn more, please visit www.21fiveCreative.com

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    Lisa on February 1, 2018 Reply

    Congratulations!!! This is a great collaboration!

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