WEBDMG Launches Casting Podcast Platform

14. October 2019 Casting, Gathr, Podcasts 0
WEBDMG Launches Casting Podcast Platform

Suffolk-Va. WEBDMG is excited to announce the launch of Casting Podcast Platform, an easy to use Podcast hosting service that allows users to upload their own audio, add descriptions, and distribute their Podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play Music through an simple web interface. The official launch date for Casting is October 14, 2019.

Jennifer Davis of Higher Way Ministries, Suffolk says, “Casting has been phenomenal! It is very easy to load our weekly podcasts. If you’re looking for a great and easy place to load your podcast you should use Casting.”

The simplicity and ease of using Casting will offer a way for more voices to be heard via Podcasts.

Simple Interface

It is very easy to add new episodes and meta-data that is vital to a podcasts success. Taking full advantage of podcasting features like serial content with seasons and episodes along with the ability to easily add bonus episodes when a topic is in high demand. You can also tease an upcoming season or episode with a trailer so listeners can preview your podcast before subscribing.

After an episode is added you are still in control. You can always update meta-data for an episode to be sure your show or series is optimized best for your audience.

Web landing page.

Casting also creates a landing page for your show that allows users to listen to your episodes on the web.



Casting is part of the Gathr CMS version 4 so content added here can be seamlessly added to any Gathr project for web and mobile. Adding content here will display in your Gathr Dashboard where additional meta data can be added to allow integration into other digital experiences.



To find more or to sign up please visit https://casting.gathr.me

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