SpeakLife Now Radio Podcast

19. June 2020 Casting, Gathr, Podcasts 0
SpeakLife Now Radio Podcast

Lisa “SpeakLIfe” Burrell launched her Podcast on the Casting platform in November 2019.

The Speak Life Now Radio Show is an inspirational and motivational podcast used to uplift and encourage. The main focus is on

the Power and Timing of the words we speak everyday by teaching principles and sharing real life testimonies of how your world

will change when you change your words. We are indeed holding the key to unlock our destiny with the words we speak. Be sure to

check out this podcast powered by Casting, a WEBDMG product.

Host Interview:

Why did you start your podcast?

  • I wanted to reach more people to encourage & motivate. I am on internet radio but there is better accessibility & more listeners with the podcast.

What do you hope people walk away with after listening to your podcast?

  • I want them to walk away with tools in regards to the power of the things we speak. I also want to share hope, inspiration, and encouragement no matter what they may be facing.

What do you think about the Casting Platform?

  • I love it!!! I am very pleased. I have gained sponsors and the profit is completely mine. I have unlimited space, I can upload as often as I want, and it is an easy platform to use.

  • I learned today I have been picked up on several more streaming services in just 6 months of being on Casting. It is one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made.


  • Tech support is amazing & speedy

  • I’m very pleased with the service and I’m getting new listeners all the time.


Check out Speak Life Now Radio Show Podcast on Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/speak-life-now-radio-show/id1487750276?at=1l3v8RA

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