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New Kent, Virginia. WEBDMG, LLC is proud to announce that Grub Trucks, food truck location app, launched on March 24, 2023. Grub Trucks utilizes the latest in Apple technologies to provide food truck owners with the ability to let customers know their exact location. 

“Grub Trucks is the culmination of years of work that we hope has a positive impact on the food truck industry by closing the gap between customers and food truck owners which is the key pain point from many of the food truck owners we had the pleasure to speak with,” Richard Robinson, owner WEBDMG, LLC.

The app aims to bring customers and food truck owners together though the use of a map and location system. With the click of a button, food truck owners are able to mark their location in real time and customers get turn by turn directions leading them straight to their food truck.

Customers are able to easily see trucks on a map, view their menus and prices. They also have the ability to ‘favorite’ food trucks they want to keep up with.

In addition to location, the app provides a profile page for each food truck, a menu (with photos) for each food truck, the ability to leave comments, and search for a food truck by name and cuisine type. Each food truck will also have a registered app clip that will allow customers that do not have the app to access the food truck’s current menu. Additionally, food truck owners are able to update their menus as needed and see those updates reflected in the app in real time.



-Same app for both truck owners and food truck patrons

-Food trucks are discoverable by name and cuisine type

-Food trucks displayed on a nearby map

Food Truck Owners:

-Apple app clip enabled

-Dedicated profile for your food truck 

-Easily notify customers of your current location

-Schedule upcoming locations

-Add social media and order ahead website

-Low subscription fee

Food Truck Foodies:

-“Favorite” trucks you frequent and receive Push notifications when they are open for business

-View truck menus

-Free app access


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To download Grub Trucks, visit: 



Mari Robinson

PR Manager


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